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In an effort to improve our processes and provide greater customer service, the staff at Richter International have re-designed our site functions and capabilities.

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Our clients benefit from research, routine microbiological food quality and safety laboratory analysis and food safety consulting expertise. Customized service is the goal of our Columbus, Ohio based company. A large rock outside an office building with the Richter International logo embedded in the rock.

Our service oriented company will devise and personalize confidential work to provide information regarding the selection and evaluation of rapid food microbiology methods, sampling plans, and modifying food formulas for microbial and physical stability.

In addition, we will work with our clients to create microbial quality and safety standards that not only meet, but exceed regulatory and industry standards.

Research & Special Projects

Sample Analysis


Data Management

A microscope icon representing the Research and Special Projects section.The Research Department designs and performs special projects to address our clients’ specific needs. Contact us to begin a Research Project.

An illustration of a set of three beakers representing the Sample Analysis section.Our ISO accredited BSL-2 Microbiology Laboratory is available to exceed our clients requirements. Clients may request specific tests and methods or may be advised by our experts as to which diagnostics and methods best fit the matrix being analyzed.

An illustration of a briefcase representing the Consulting section.We will work with your professionals to establish microbial quality and safety standards that meet or exceed regulatory and industry standards.

An illustration of a small pocket calculator representing the Data Management section.We will work with your Quality Assurance professionals to design, build, and maintain an appropriate quality assurance database.

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