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Richter International, Inc. is a private contract research and consulting laboratory organization specializing in food quality, safety and security/defense programs and services. Customers of Richter International fall into 3 distinct groups; Commercial, Department of Defense and Non DoD Government.
A gloved scientist conducting a microbiology experiment in a petri dish.
Richter International specializes in contract research in the area of biological and chemical detection of specific contaminants from food. Consulting and research services include program development of biological sampling and diagnostic protocol for the food industry but also research and development support for companies involved with bringing novel detection platforms to the food industry market. At the request of customers, we perform various food challenge studies in an attempt to characterize the microbiological shelf life (fate of the agent) of the food. Other challenge studies are also available, including FDA Food Code product assessments. Often, these research activities involve the use of novel inoculation and sampling or detection protocol as well as characterization of antimicrobial or process properties.

Our laboratory has full microbiological capabilities including several analytical platforms to choose from (cultural, antibody, and DNA/RNA based). Clients may request specific tests and methods or may be advised by our experts as to which analytical tests and methods best fit the matrix being analyzed.

Richter International, Inc. is focused on providing clients, employees, strategic partners and professional colleagues with courtesy, respect, and immediate and accurate service. This includes our commitment to the ISO 17025 quality standards.

The Scientific Team at Richter International, Inc. will deliver personal, confidential, reliable, rapid, efficient, high value information as our product.

History of Richter International, Inc.
A scientist conducting a microbiology experiment in a beaker.
Richter International was founded in 1997 in Columbus, Ohio. Immediately after starting the company, Dr. Richter was asked by Battelle Memorial Institute to team with them in providing research service to the food industry. Together, Battelle and Richter International began a relationship which provides a unique service to select clientele including the Department of Defense, non-DoD Government Agencies and private Commercial Food and Diagnostic Companies. Today, Richter International has evolved as a multi-dimensional company serving the food industry in food safety, quality, security research, data management, and consulting services. All client relationships and services are entirely confidential, with thorough confidentiality agreements being provided. With a full service BSL-2 pathogen capable microbiological laboratory located in Columbus, Ohio close to both the Battelle and The Ohio State University campuses, Richter International conducts special projects for their clients as well as providing various microbiological analyses.

Another specialty of Richter International is conducting food manufacturing facility food safety reviews. These reviews are designed to evaluate and improve a company’s food safety, quality, and HACCP programs. Richter International personnel will assist the food company in developing or improving their quality improvement programs.

A special area of interest is directed toward Food Defense. Richter International has been dynamically involved in the field of food security and food anti-terrorism initiatives prior to, and since the events of 9/11. They have participated in food security programs for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Air Force (USAF), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and commercial clients.

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