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Proper shipment of samples is important in order to maintain the integrity of the sample. Samples packaged inappropriately can arrive damaged, which could result in the sample being unsuitable for testing. We strongly recommend clients package and ship their samples according to the instructions below:

For frozen or refrigerated (perishable) samples and swabs/sponges:

It is recommended that all samples and swabs/sponges are shipped overnight (via FedEx, UPS, or courier service) in a cooler with ice packs (no dry ice or ice cubes please) the same day they are taken. Samples and swabs/sponges should not be held for more than 48hrs prior to shipment and must be held and shipped at refrigerated temperatures. Holding swabs for a long time, even with refrigeration, can lead to misleading data. It is best to include packaging material (air pouches, styrofoam peanuts, etc.) in the cooler with the samples so that the sample does not move around during shipment. Please ensure that the sample request form is enclosed in the box (preferably wrapped or in a bag so that it does not get wet from the ice packs). Refrigerated samples and swabs/sponges should arrive to the laboratory between 2-15°C. Frozen samples should arrive in the same condition as sent. Please do not use dry ice when shipping samples as it could potentially affect the outcome of the testing.

For non-perishable samples:
Items should be placed in a sturdy container (to avoid potential damage during shipping) with packaging material to minimize movement during shipping. Non-perishable items can be shipped by either ground or overnight delivery depending on the stability of the sample, testing requested, and the discretion of the client. Be sure to properly package/wrap samples so to avoid any leakage of contents or other damage. Additionally, non-perishable items should still be packaged in a way to ensure that they are not exposed to temperature extremes as in the summer and winter months. Please ensure that the sample request form is enclosed in the box (preferably wrapped or in a bag so that it doesn’t get damaged if the product leaks or is damaged during shipping).

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